translated from Spanish: Antillo by decision of the Intendencia: «What they want is to impose on us to make a match at the National Stadium»

The president of Audax Italiano, Lorenzo Antillo, made his undoing after it was defined that the match between his cast and Colo Colo will be played at the Estadio Nacional. «We went to a meeting at the Mayor and there was no compelling reason to reject the Bicentennial Stadium. Here the criminals are being right and on the part of the authorities it is acquiring not to do what they have to do, which is to ensure public order and the safety of people,» he told Cooperativa. He therefore regretted changing his venue for the duel. «What they want is to impose on us to make a match at the National Stadium. An imposition for which the mayor has no powers. We are going to welcome and we are going to do it because we are thinking of the neighbors of Florida and that authority has an inability to ensure the order and public safety of our commune’s neighbors,» he said. In the same vein, it ruled out that the ANFP has any responsibility to the extent taken by the Intendency. «That is not up to us or anFP, who has behaved well with Audax. It depends on an arbitrary and chiming measure of the Intendencia that does not want to be played in Florida and wants to be played in the National,» he added. «I wonder that if you can’t play in Florida and we’ve seen the dismanteners of the National Stadium, is it synominated to play at the National? The issue is not in the stage where it is played or not, the issue is that the competent authority has to ensure order and public safety and is not doing so today,» he argued.» A team like Audax is harmed by taking it to a place where they want it to be played, not where the ANFP says, or the club says, but where they want it to be played,» he concluded. The leader’s annoyance arises after the Intendencia will not authorize the match between Audax Italiano and Colo Colo, scheduled for Sunday at 18:00, at the Bicentennial Stadium in La Florida. As they explained in a statement, it does not meet with the necessary security measures.

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