translated from Spanish: Fire station in Camelinas could be ready in March

Morelia, Michoacán.- It will be at the end of March when the new fire station in southern Morelia was finished, the coordinator of Civil Protection and Firefighters of Morelia, Rogelio Rangel Reguera, reported.
The station will be located next to the gazebos of Santa Maria and began its construction on August 28th in order to attend accidents that occur in the holdings of Santa Maria, Jesús del Monte, Altozano or near Camelinas, since it is only in operation a station located next to the Morelos Stadium.
Rangel Reguera denied that the work was in arrears, because he said, in the initial project it was planned that the station would open between February or March, because the previous station that was in the same place had to be demolished because of the deterioration he was in and desp you can build from scratch the foundations of the new property.
He recalled that the budget for the work is seven million pesos so that the new station has bedrooms, gym, space for two trucks, engine room, hydraulic network and health care space.
Once the new headquarters of firefighters is ready, the coordinator of Civil Protection and Firefighters of Morelia considered that efforts will be made so that other stations can be counted in strategic sites of the municipality such as Villas del Pedregal.

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