translated from Spanish: Fuenzalida: «The players we are on the court are affected by violence»

The captain of Universidad Católica, José Pedro Fuenzalida, referred on Wednesday to the last acts of violence recorded in different stadiums, including San Carlos de Apoquindo.Fuenzalida stated in a press point that «no doubt, to the Ju we’re on the court that we’re affected by violence outside. We have relatives and the fans who are out with their families, I think we are all affected.» The «chapa» added that «the call from me and all the players, is that, violence is not and will never be the way to manifest itself, as we have always said, there is a social issue of substance that as always we have collaborated and we also want to be able to show in sport, the courts and stadiums such manifestations, but not with that kind of violence.» He was also consulted for the possible sanctions that are studied to San Carlos de Apoquindo, stating that «it will never be the solution today, because it is not a matter of stadium security, it is a country issue, then no matter where the same thing will happen». In the same vein, he stated that «the stadium of Católica is one of the most familiar, no doubt because in addition to coming many people, it has always been a stadium where the activities develop well». On the other hand, he referred to the injury that left him on the sidelines with O’Higgins, explaining that «I already started training progressively, waiting for evolution to be this weekend, which is an important match, third date and visit». On the start of the «UC» in the contest, the extreme stated that «the start of the tournament has been difficult, on the basis that we are still developing a new idea of play with the new technical body. I think we’ve made good matches in general.» It should be remembered that Universidad Católica will visit Deportes Antofagasta, the match scheduled for Sunday 9 February at 12:00 hours at the Calvo and Bascuñán Stadium.

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