translated from Spanish: Government took legislative balance: 109 projects approved and decreased processing time

During this day, the Government took stock of legislative work where 109 bills were passed and the time for legislative processing was reduced. From the Patio de las Camellias in La Moneda, the Secretary-General of the Presidency, Felipe Ward, stressed that «2019 was a deeply challenging year, a year in which we were faced with a different demand from the citizens. You legitimately demand concrete answers to your concerns, which we committed to face.» In addition, it explained that 109 projects originated either through presidential messages or had indications or urgencies submitted by the Executive had been approved. It also referred to the decrease in processing times for initiatives. «It’s been very impressive. The average processing time for a bill was more than two years, the times in politics unfortunately do not control them one are slower than one would like, but in this area, for example, of the social agenda, the projects have been processed in an average of 1 5 days, that’s pretty little,» Ward said, the spokesperson, Karla Rubilar, explained that «our government has a program that has a deep social content, and what happened after October 18 is that we realized that social emergencies had to be a priority. We had to inject more resources and faster. In this way and with the help of Congress, we managed to carry out important announcements that go to the heart of what the Chileans were asking us.» As for the social agenda, Rubilar stated that «we have made progress, but we still have a lot of work to do. And since March, the Social Agenda remains a priority, to be in tune with people’s needs. That is why, from day one we will emphasize the guaranteed Minimum Income, which will increase the wages of 668 thousand workers and the Planned Reform, which will allow us to have a more supportive and fairer system.»

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