translated from Spanish: New Director of Major Taxpayers: Association of SII officials led to Comptroller’s Office Appointment

On January 7, the Internal Revenue Service (SII) officialized the arrival of the deputy directors of Control, Carolina Saravia Morales, of People Development, Carolina Soto Abarca and Normativa, quota assumed by Simón Ramírez Guerra and in the case of the direction of Major Taxpayers, the chosen one was Harry Ibaceta Rivera. Thus, with these new designations, the head management team of the SII was completed.
The appointment of the new director of Big Taxpayers generated noise in the intern of the public distribution. And it was as a result of what, through an insert, both the National Association of Officials and the Association of Internal Revenue Audits, announced that they reached the Comptroller General of the Republic to denounce an «eminent conflict of interest».
Prior to his arrival at SII, Harry Ibaceta was manager at companies such as Deloitte, SMU S.A – which considers Unimarc, Alvi and OK Market, among others- in addition to Telefónica Chile.
In the letter, officials noted that they expect the designation to be declared incompatible. «We are not against the entry into the SII of professionals from the private sector, quite the opposite. We only oppose their appointment to senior officials, where people who fairly defend as advisers corporate interests of large companies, move to the other side of the sidewalk to monitor them. The OECD, the United Nations and the Comptroller-General of the Republic have been clear about this, it is completely incompatible!» the text reads.
The signatories also accused the administration of the director, Fernando Barraza, of implementing a «disastrous» strategic plan that would have led the SII «to the lack of control of tax evasion and avoidance, which have not been increased only thanks to the commitment and professional work that SII officials carry out every day».
In the official SII communiqué, it can be read that both the owners of Control, People Development and Directorate of Large Taxpayers «were chosen after an exhaustive selection process among candidates whose search was commissioned to the specialized consultancy Seminarium». Consulted for the complaint to the Comptroller, the answer was that as long as the controller does not rule, there will be no statements on it.

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