translated from Spanish: Non-conformities remain in the SPUM, will call for the dismissal of the

Celic Mendoza
The professional assembly of the Faculty of Economics agreed to appear tomorrow at the premises of the Teachers’ Union of the Michoacana University (SPUM) to express its dissatisfaction with the lifting of strikes.
Teachers agreed to request the CEG to provide the General Council with copies of the minutes signed yesterday for the lifting of the strike and the agreement with the Rector’s Office on retirements.
To submit to the CAV a new complaint calling for the removal of the members of the General Executive Committee for the grievances before, during and at the lifting of the strike, such as the concealment of information and the signing of the agreement without consultation with the sectional bases.
SPUM strike flags remainSo it was also agreed not to remove the red-flagged flags until the section decides how to protest against the Committee and send the Director an office communicating it to respect them.
In the morning morning they will attend the Offices of the SPUM to claim payment for the outstanding benefits: scholarships, glasses, braces, savings banks, among others, since the Rector stated (and the CEG believed him) that he already paid all that he owed. If they do not pay tomorrow, direct the Secretary-General, the Finance and the Services Secretary a strangeity and demand that they pay, with copies to the Surveillance and Treasury committees.
Likewise, the professors of the Faculty of Dentistry manifest the raising of red-flagged flags under protest.
It should be remembered that the SPUM has the Michoacana University on strike for contract review by February 17.

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