translated from Spanish: Carabineros relieved two inslay after intervention to the high bridge police station due to allegations of beatings

The deputy general of Carabineros, Diego Olate today announced the re-release of two commandos in a police station of Puente Alto, this after the intervention to the compound due to allegations of beatings by uniformed civilians inside the commune. In the statement Olate confirmed that «at this minute the release of the command of the police station, Commissioner (Major Ivan Rodríguez) and deputy commissioner, has been arranged, in order to renew and make available for the community, the best elements that we have, officers with high that allows us to regain the trust of the community.» These commands, in addition to the seven carabinieri decommissioned in the first complaint of the week, in the face of this the deputy indicated that «there are currently no more casualties, but eventually, as a result of the investigations, they could be applicable». It was also confirmed that this intervention has a direct relationship with the recorded beating in which seven uniforms attack a young man. «Immediately when he became aware of the images,(…) the intervention of this unit was implemented and arranged through (…) internal affairs and operational comptrollership,» he said. «As an immediate result of this intervention, two officers are discharged in the first instance and seven carabinieri. These facts and those carabinieri were reported to the Public Prosecutor’s Office, which is conducting a criminal investigation into the matter,» he added.

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