translated from Spanish: Desbordes challenges La Moneda y Chile Vamos: «It is very easy to reject dialogue when you do not get out of the upper quarter»

Amid the criticisms launched from Chile Vamos and the government itself for its meeting with the helmsmen of the parties of the exConcertación, the president of Renovación Nacional Mario Desbordes came out to justify his decision respond to their detractors.
«It is very easy to reject dialogue when you do not get out of the upper neighborhood or when you are surrounded by escorts. It is very easy to demand only a heavy hand when it is done from Twitter or a radio,» MR RN told La Segunda. Overflow is again under the crossfire of its PARTNERS in the UDI and Evópoli for its approach to the opposition. Inside his party, the helmsman RN has been targeted by his predecessor Carlos Larraín, who did not miss the opportunity to «hit» him, just as he did before the general council of the collective. According to the former senator, «there is no possible bridge with the left,» and Desbordes with his attitude «opens a new problem for the government.»
The Executive, meanwhile, first appreciated the spirit of understanding, but quickly joined the questions by noting that «dialogue has to go home and then approach the opposition,» said La Moneda spokeswoman Karla Rubilar.
In addition, this day, interior minister Gonzalo Blumel reinforced this palace thesis, noting that «dialogue is always welcome, but on the basis of the unity of the coalition».
In response, Desbordes’ response is clear and he notified his critics that «I will continue to have all the meetings necessary to seek a peace process. We have to isolate the violent.»
He then noted that «the brave deskmen hide behind the carabinieri’s skirts. The costs of violence are paid by hundreds of people who do not have access to the media, the costs of violence are paid by goats that add to the anarches of the front line, the costs of violence are paid by carabineros and their families , the costs of violence are paid by democracy.»
Behind the Helm
At RN, Desbordes has been defended by leaders such as Senator Manuel José Ossandón, who assured that the party president «is doing what he has to do out of obligation and by common sense, the rest is a paw that makes no sense.»
He also closed ranks with Desbordes the vice-president of the party, Paulina Núñez, who called it «strange that someone is impressed that one has to dialogue, that he can talk and bridge with other political actors, because at the end of the day is what is demanding and we are being demanding the Chileans.» «Without a majority in Congress and with a government that doesn’t have an approval that could allow it to push an agenda more strongly, we need to dialogue, reach agreements,» he argued.
In particular, she questioned the turn of Palacio’s spoke-party Karla Rubilar, noting that «when she spoke for the first time (and valued the conversations) she spoke with common sense.» «But maybe the second time you may have received a different instruction,» he said.

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