translated from Spanish: Desbordes responds to criticism for reunion with ex Concertación: «It’s very easy to demand only a heavy hand when done from Twitter»

Mario Desbordes, president of National Renewal, referred to the rain of criticism after meeting with the parties of the former Concertació (PPD, DC, PS). In an interview with La Segunda, Desbordes answered the sayings of former RN president Carlos Larraín, who criticized him for speaking to the opposition: «It is very easy to reject dialogue when you do not get out of the upper quarter or when surrounded by escorts. It is very easy to demand only heavy hand when done from Twitter or a radio. The brave desks hide behind Carabineros’ chicks,» she said. He also said that it is not difficult for him to join in to engage in dialogue with the opposition: «I will continue to have all the meetings necessary to seek a peace process. The violent players must be isolated,» the MP said. With regard to the recent acts of violence, he commented that according to him, the costs of violence are paid by both the «bastards who join the anarchs of the First Line», as well as democracy, Carabneros, and «the hundreds of people who do not have access to the media.» The party’s vice-president, Paulina Núñez, referred to Larraín’s controversial sayings: «To call upon him too, she does not seem to understand that long ago she ceased to preside over National Renewal, in no way helps the climate that we are living in the country that today there will be criticism of former leaders,» he said.

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