translated from Spanish: NTSB: engine failure ruled out in Kobe Bryant’s helicopter

After 12 days of investigation since the fatal accident in the Calabsasas area, the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB), which is responsible for analyzing U.S. air accidents, filed one of the first reports with a expansion of 12 sheets, photographs and concrete results of the fact. According to the detailed, the helicopter Kobe Bryant, his daughter Gianna and seven other people crashed on a single impact, causing the death of all of them by «blunt trauma», and it is believed that at the time of it, the engine was still following Working.
It clarifies that a branch of a tree came to be cut by one of the aircraft’s propellers, but also found 95% of the parts of the tree and the impact was responsible for falling apart. On the other hand, it was indicated that the control controls were found completely on fire. This first installment made on Friday afternoon has to do with the end of the tragedy and not so much with the motives that led to it. In this case, climate factors (ensure that there was a lot of fog that morning) and human either from the pilot himself at the time of the faults will be taken into account. Among all these issues, NTSC’s research could take about a year to try to clarify the fact. For the moment, everything points to the helicopter’s no previous impact damage or engine malfunction and the variables will be key to determining what caused Kobe Bryant and the rest of the passengers to die.

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