translated from Spanish: They take the life of a five-year bookine in Zamora, Michoacán

home Security They take the life of a five-year bookine in Zamora, Michoacán

Zamora, Michoacán.- On the night of this Thursday, a man was shot dead, on the public road of the Adolfo López Mateos colony, in the city of Zamora, where the assailants after the crime committed the crime went on the run with an unknown course, as was known in the coverage n ottitious.
The murder was recorded on Avenida Juárez Poniente at the height of the property number 2135, of the aforementioned urban settlement, site to which the elements of the Municipal Police and the National Guard were mobilized, in the face of a citizen complaint.
Similarly, the Rescue and Rescue paramedics arrived, the same as the death of Salvador L., G., approximately 50, who had at least two gunshot projectile impacts, one in the head and one on the chest.
The area was cordoned off by the uniforms and later the Experts of the Expert Services and Crime Scene Unit met the place and to carry out the law proceedings, being packed six 9-millimeter percussive shell casings.
Finally, the experts of the Regional Prosecutor’s Office transferred the body to the morgue of the region for the respective examinations and then to be handed over to their loved ones.

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