translated from Spanish: How much did Yalitza Aparicio gain for being nominated for an Award?

Although actress Yalitza Aparicio commented on several occasions that she did not make many profits for her participation in the film ROMA by Alfonso Cuarón, with the fact that she had been nominated for the Academy Awards she would have won about 2 million pesos with different Gifts. Each year, the marketing company «Distinctive Assets», through its campaign «All Ganan», summons the best brands to send an exclusive gift package worth approximately 100 thousand dollars, about 2 million Mexican pesos.

Within the gift can be obtained from a holiday certificate, a DNA-based treatment, and even refreshments for a party, with a total sum that has amounted to a millionth in pesos if you take into account the price of each of the products you po See. The companies that can participate get to pay up to 4 thousand dollars, about 76 thousand Mexican pesos, to be part of the coveted exchanges that the 25 nominees for the Oscar statuette receive. In its year of nomination, Yalitza would have received a variety of valuable items, such as cannabis edibles, a trip to Galapagos Island, the Amazon, Iceland or Costa Rica and Panama, including spa services and international cooking lessons Expeditions.Also, about $30,000 in chemical peels; Laser skin rejuvenation, injectables, fillers, Botox and other procedures performed by facial plastic doctor Konstantin Vasyukevich, as well as a week for two at the luxurious wellnees center: Door Golden.
On top of that, another of the trips they receive is a spiritual retreat during the post-awards season in Malibu, hosted by 3D PR and Marketing, a poolside dinner prepared by a famous Chef from Nest Seekers International, a club membership Social cannabis friendly «MOTA» Los Angeles, 10 personal training sessions with Alexis Seletzky, a week-long greek beach getaway Avaton Luxury Villas Resort and this just to mention a few.
It is worth mentioning that the Academy does not offer cash with its nominations and attendance at the gala, however, the salaries of the actors and actresses increase considerably after winning one of the acclaimed golden statuettes.

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