translated from Spanish: Jorge Amor Ameal and the break-in in La Bombonera: “I’m worried”

Last Tuesday there was a climate of tension in the pool of the club “xeneize” when a fight broke out between members, where the Justice thought it might have been a cross between bars. From that, on Friday he took a break-in by the 35th Prosecutor’s Office and where the leadership manifested strange situations.” I’m worried about the things that are going on at the club and yesterday’s break-in. It creates a rarefied climate that we don’t understand, we want a club in peace not judicialized like today,” Jorge Amor Ameal said in his statements to Radio Mitre.

“I don’t want to think about weird things, we take people out of security and maybe someone doesn’t like him,” Ameal added, noting, “If I knew who’s behind all this, I’d denounce it in Justice.” In the crosshairs is the attorney general Juan Bautista Mahiques, a man close to Daniel Angelici.” We were very struck by his attitude, I tell him to look where he has to look. Politics doesn’t have to get into the club,” he stressed of this figure of justice. He also remarked that “it was a partner fight with neighborhood neighbors coming to the pool, there were no bars.” We have already put together a summary, from the date no one who is not accompanied by a partner comes in. He’s all in a position to play tonight’s game,” Ameal said, ahead of Boca’s match against Atlético Tucumán.

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