translated from Spanish: Maria Olivia Monckeberg fustigates James Hamilton: «What she said ray in insult, in slander»

Journalist Maria Olivia Monckeberg referred to the resignation of physician James Hamilton from the presidency of the newly formed Party for Dignity. Hamilton resigned only nine days after announcing the formation of the collective, of which he would be president. «There is an ethical incompatibility. There were people who thought that making a match meant keeping a little bit the same habits of having a speech, but doing something else below. That’s incongruous to us. There is a history that casts a shadow over credibility and probity,» said the doctor who became a benchmark against sexual abuse after revealing in 2011 that he was the victim of the priest Fernando Karadima.
Maria Olivia Monckeberg who remains in the newly formed match and ensures that the collective will go ahead, responded to Hamilton’s words stating that «What James Hamilton said is very strong and inadequate, we believe that it borders on insult, in the slander, because it cannot from an alleged pedestal to describe it as unethical to a full directive and try to stigmatize people for a political past,» the journalist told El Mercurio. «I don’t think of bad intentions, » he clarified.
Monckeberg said he learned of Hamilton’s resignation by a message from Whatsapp and that at the request of the militants he will assume the presidency of the collective. I don’t want to get into controversy or argument. He and those who left, who were probably friends with him, to follow his path and respect his way. But we’re in another. In that other one, with or without the presence of those who left, we will continue. Our postulates are in sight, not only do we not regret a single word, but we ratify it,» he said of the collective that will begin collecting signatures to form.

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