translated from Spanish: The national health alert for coronavirus began to be ruled

The Official Journal today published the health alert announced by the Ministry of Health, which gives the Minsal extraordinary powers to deal with possible contagion. Health alert is declared “throughout the territory of the Republic, to address the threat to public health caused by the worldwide spread of the ‘New Coronavirus 2019′”, as indicated in the Official Journal. The powers granted to the undersecretariats of Public Health and Assistance Networks include “the recruitment of staff in accordance with Article 10 of the Health Code, in addition to other recruitment mechanisms provided for in legislation.” For her part, the seremi de Salud Metropolitana, Rosa Oyarce, explained that “although we in Chile and Latin America do not have any cases, we are taking preventive measures in a timely manner.” This health alert decreed by the Minister through the President of the Republic, is a much more concrete measure that allows us to have resources and acquire products more quickly if we need equipment, hire more staff. It is important to establish that, we believe that the coronavirus to Chile will undoubtedly arrive,” the authority argued. The president of the Medical College (Colmed), Izkia Siches, appreciated the announcement of the health alert, and noted that they hope to meet with the Undersecretary of Assistance Networks, Arturo Zúñiga.” We value the measure, we believe that it is appropriate, because it allows to have new resources, both economic, for supplies and also of human resources. Clearly, in the colder months respiratory viruses are starting to increase, which will challenge us as a healthcare system to be able to respond,” said the guild’s representative.” Chile must be prepared, much more, this year and so we hope to have a meeting with the Undersecretary of Assistance Networks,” he concluded.

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