translated from Spanish: Tribunal declares inadmissible the complaint against Blumel and Rozas filed by the family of barries run over by Carabineros

Judge Verónica Toledo of the 14th Guarantee Court of Santiago declared inadmissible the complaint filed by the family of the barrista of Colo Colo, Jorge Mora, against the Minister of the Interior Gonzalo Blumel and General Di rector of Carabineros Mario Rozas for the responsibility they might have in the death of the man who was hit by a police vehicle at the exit of the Estadio Monumental.
The resolution of the magistrate cited in part by Emol, determined that it is not possible to establish that Blumel and Rozas forced Carlos Martínez, driver of the police truck to run over Jorge Mora, who died in the context of the protest that arose after the sporting meeting between Colo Colo and Palestino.  In this regard, the court ruling also determined that it is not possible to establish that there was prior arrangement to end the life of Jorge Mora, known in the White Claw as «Neco»
«The non-specific claim to what specific crime was induced by these two authorities, not sufficient to shape the induction of generic incitements or insinuations to indeterminate subjects,» sets the ruling and adds that » pretending that the terms of the vague and vague allegation directed in the complaint against Mr Blumel and Mr Rozas might give rise to the admissibility of the complaint would matter opening the door to objective criminal liability, clearly banned in a State Democratic Law.»
At the same time, the court if it declared the claim against the truck driver Carlos Martínez admissible, for quasi-crime of murder. who is under the precautionary measures of national roots and monthly signature, after a controversial determination by the Court of Appeals of Santiago, which established that the event constitutes «justified negligent conduct»

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