translated from Spanish: José Joel warns his father’s false son José José

A Colombian singer named Brian Fanier Alvarez Rojas, whose stage name is Manuel José, is promoted by ensuring that he is the son of the Mexican performer José José, something that has not been to the liking of José Joel and Marysol Sosa. «About a year ago I filed a criminal complaint for identity theft, because he understands that he has nothing to do with us and what he is doing is detestable, deplorable and horrible,» said the firstborn of the late «Prince of Song» in an interview with TVyNovelas.José Joel noted that this young man (his supposed half-brother) no longer openly advertises himself as the son of José José, but businessly all the notes and communiqués they send to sell his show is as «legitimate son of José José» » the son unrecognized.»

The son of Anel Noreña pointed out that the lawsuit against Manuel José still stands and has already been summoned to appear before the corresponding authorities, «the lord can do whatever is already quoted and, obviously, if he does not appear to appear the complaint will become a d criminal emanda».
The little boy will know how far he wants to go with this lie, we will act according to the law, which it is very clear that he cannot continue to usurp identities that do not correspond to him.

«That you can’t keep selling as someone you’re not and keep saying that you’re Joseph Joseph’s son, deceiving the public.»

A few days ago the Colombian singer made a statement about José Joel and Marysol Sosa, which only caused this situation to worsen further, «the boy has said that we are the ones who are not children of José José, that for that reason, if we do the DNA test we will come out n egativa, that he is his son and we are not, he has a psychological problem and we will reach the last consequences to say ‘no, understand child that no'».

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