translated from Spanish: Subject takes his girlfriend’s life; he dismembered it to throw it into the colander (Video)

Edomex.- A 46-year-old man, in his blood-filled clothes, confessed to skinning a 25-year-old girl, apparently his girlfriend.
The policeman asked him to take him to the crime scene, so they both entered the 501st apartment of the building located at 258 Tamagno Street, in the town hall Gustavo A. Madero, where they found the skinned body of the young woman.
The assailant recounted that with a kitchen knife he removed the skin from his face to his knees, but before he attacked about five stab wounds, and after that he removed the viscera (which allegedly appeared in a bag a few blocks from the department), so he was immediately arrested by the authorities and presented to the Public Prosecution Service.
The femicide apparently occurred during the early morning, as neighbors referred to the authorities who heard noises, but no one asked for help, until the man came out of the bloodied 501 department that they requested the intervention of the Ministry of Citizen Security (SSC), so immediately a patrol arrived and arrested him.
It was made known that Ingrid «N» and Eric Francisco «N» had a romantic relationship, as he was often seen in the building.
In his first statements, the alleged assailant, a civil engineer, said he had taken drugs and then assured the investigating authorities that «the devil came in.»

He argued that he did not remember what had happened and did not want to explain in detail what motivated him to commit the crime, he only just said that when he regained consciousness he felt very remorseful, so he immediately turned himself in to the cops to answer for his act, confessing everything.
At the scene of the crime, the murder weapon, a kitchen knife, was found, as well as various traces of the victim’s blood.
The alleged feminiced (who had scratches and bruises on his face, chest and hands, a sign that Ingrid «N» attempted to defend against aggression) were tested for toxicological tests, to determine what type of drugs he used caused him to lose consciousness and commit the crime.
Authorities are looking for the victim’s family, because until the close of this edition no one came close to claiming the body, although it is fully identified.
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