translated from Spanish: After 10 years, Chilean teams win Marathon Extreme 506k Cross Los Andes

Empresas Anfibio and the Municipality of Vicuña again came together to form the men’s and women’s teams and represent Chile in version 29 of the «Extreme 506 Marathon, Crossing of the Andes».
The race consists of running the 506 kilometers that separate Chile and Argentina through the international pass of Aguas Negras, in stretches of 42 kilometers each.
Each runner was in charge of overcoming the difficulties that each relay presents. For 3 days non-stop the Amphibian-Vicuña equipment, they were completing the relays one by one, exceeding the high temperatures, the night, the height, the slope, the wind, the cold mountain range, lack of sleep, etc.
The captain of the women’s team, Rosita Aguilera, says that it was the «second year participating as a team in this competition, many of the girls already brought the experience of the previous year and together with the new ones that joined this adventure we managed to complete a team committed and with the feminine claw necessary to face the extreme circumstances that this competition always offers us, they all gave their best effort to get in the possession of us in the first place and mainly all safe and without having to regret any unforeseen that would jeopardize the integrity of any of our brokers.»

The men’s team got the first place overall of this competition and its captain, Mario Peñaloza, mentions that «10 years ago a Chilean team did not win this competition so we are very proud to be able to bring the cup back to Chile and as remuneration to the immense effort and commitment delivered by each of the members, were 3 days of super intense competition, but of great satisfaction and dedication».
In addition, a blind athlete, Luis Gutiérrez, who ran section 12 (with goal in san juan city) represented the Chilean team Anfibio and in the company of the guides Sthefano calderón and the team captain Mario Peñaloza participated for the first time.
The year 30 of this extreme test will be held in 2021.

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