translated from Spanish: Digital X-ray: 54% of children acknowledged being associated with strangers on the internet

«Digital X-ray» was the study applied to thousands of children with the intention of studying their behavior on the Internet and social networks. The study was presented by the Ministry of Transport and Telecommunications together with the Ministry of Social Development and Family. and collected data from 5,500 children between the ages of 10 and 13, spread over 34 MRI schools. Among the data found was that 28% of children said they had witnessed online bullying. While 7% felt like they had undergone cyberbullying. The study also shows that 40% claim to have seen rude material, or fake content, when using social media. While 54% confess to having connected with strangers when using a computer. One of the figures that the authorities are most concerned about is that only 52% of children would tell their parents when faced with an eventual dangerous situation on the Internet. In this context, José Luis Dominguez, Minister of Transport (S), stated: «We must be cautious about it especially with our children and the use they give (the Internet). That’s why the call for parents is to be attentive to the content their children visit to keep them away from the risks of cyberspace.»

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