translated from Spanish: Drivers report alleged corruption network in Pemex

Los Mochis, Sinaloa.- Drivers of ammonia transporting car tankers denounced an alleged corruption network at the Mexican Petroleum (Pemex) supply plant located in the port of Topolobampo.Also, the carriers claimed that the parastatal staff traffic with shifts to recharge tankers by charging 500 to 500 peso fees to make the process easier. 

The drivers, who came yesterday to the drafting of EL DEBATE to publicly denounce the alleged irregularities in Pemex, commented that the problem was exacerbated a few days ago as there was a deabate of ammonia in the plant and making even slower the supply to tankers. Report «The plant staff took the opportunity to ask drivers for money to find them accommodating them without respecting the shifts they had already given in exchange for amounts ranging from 500 to a thousand pesos,» said Luis, driver of a gas transporter auto-tank. He, like the driver Carlos, asked to reserve his identity for fear of reprisals, as they fear even more affected by going to the plant later to fill ammonia. Those affected made a direct call to federal authorities to address the problem at this Pemex plant.» The President of the Republic, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, has insistently assured that his administration goes with everything to end corruption and for this reason we call on him to have a thorough investigation into what is happening in Pemex Topolobampo, something that had never been presented here, until recently there are new authorities at the plant,» Carlos said.  Lost timeThe drivers commented that this situation makes them waste more time for the supply of ammonia, where they sometimes wait up to three days for the gas recharge, which represents more expenses, especially in food. 

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