translated from Spanish: New images of «Wonder Woman 1984»: one of the most anticipated premieres

One of the highlights this weekend was the presence of three great actresses to deliver one of the statuettes at the Oscars. Gal Gadot, Brie Larson and Sigourney Weaver teamed up to reward the female work of the Icelandic composer, Hildur Gusnadóttir, for the film «Joker».
Now one of them is coming to release the second film of his character. Gadot returns this 2020 with «Wonder Woman 1984» (directed again by Patty Jenkins), the second part that will show the Rider years after the events that made her righteous.

New images from «Wonder Woman 1984»: director and actress

The film estimates its release date on June 5 this year, and to throb its arrival in theaters, Entertainment Weekly magazine has already released new images of what’s coming.

New images of «Wonder Woman 1984»

In addition to showing diana Prince wearing glittering golden armor, the publication reveals photos of the characters and even cast statements, who advance various details.

New images of «Wonder Woman 1984»

For his part, Jenkis revealed that for the design of the new costume was inspired by the soldiers of the Roman Empire. To this end, he has the work of Oscar winner Lindy Hemming – noted for his track record of dressing Up James Bond and Batman – who highlights the importance of the garment: «In the light it always seemed liquid, moving. There’s a sense of not being flat, because in the comics, she fights her most powerful battles in the golden suit.» The pain of heroin
In this new installment, we’ll see a more mature Diana, and who still bears the pain of the losses she’s had, performing at the Natural History Museum in Washington DC.

New images of «Wonder Woman 1984»

«Not only has she lost Steve Trevor, but almost everyone who is important to her because they’re not immortal, and her life is now quite lonely and Spartan. In fact, the only joy he has is when he does something for people, if he can help those in need,» explains producer Charles Roven.Cheetah: one of the villains
The wonder Woman counterfigure in the film will be Maxwell Lord, a tycoon-guru played by Pedro Pascal («The Mandalorian»). He will be joined by the antiheroine Cheetah, whose secret identity is that of Barbara Minerva, to whom actress Kristen Wiig («My Best Friend’s Wedding») will bring life in the film. Wiig will have a double challenge: on the one hand, she must be the trustworthy friend of Diana, a shy gemologist, who admires her and also has jealousy; and face in it the process that makes her the villain.  

New images from «Wonder Woman 1984»: The Villains

«I didn’t know so much about Cheetah. Before I spoke to director Patty Jenkins, I came up with the idea that maybe it was a villain from the movie, so I connected to the Internet and looked at all the Wonder Woman villains to try to figure out who she was. , because I was so excited. And I was very, very happy to find out it was her,» Says Wiig.» We didn’t want to see Barbara in Cheetah, and I didn’t want to see Kristen in Cheetah either,» says Jenkis for her part. «In the comics, Cheetah is often someone who is friends with Diana but is jealous of her. I feel kristen playing a character that is at both ends of the spectrum, she’s her warm and funny friend who is kind and interesting but can then transform into something completely different,» she adds. In addition, the first conceptual art that shows Wiig as Cheetah has already been unveiled.

Kristen Wiig as Cheetah

The Return of Steve Trevor
Another surprise of the film will be the return of Chris Pine as Steve Trevor, Diana’s great love. As in the previous film, her character will complement the story of the heroine, being by her side. Although we don’t know how his return to the stage will be justified.

New images from «Wonder Woman 1984»: Steve and Diana

«In the first film, I played the world-weared soldier who has seen all the depravity that humanity is capable of showing. In this I am much more cheerful and with wide open eyes. My role is that of a friend, lover, boyfriend and bodyguard who does everything possible to help Diana on her mission. I’m like the Watson for your Holmes,» the actor says.

New images from «Wonder Woman 1984»: Steve and Diana

We have to wait until June of this year to see the adventures of Wonder Woman again with the wonderful touch of the ’80s but in the meantime we leave you the last trailer to review what’s coming and see it again.

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