translated from Spanish: Pablo Moyano visited Nicolás Maduro: «we fight against Macri and defeat him»

The deputy secretary of the Truckers’ union, Pablo Moyano, met in the city of Caracas with the president of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro, who expressed that the guilds «fought» for «four years against the right regime of Mauricio Macri». As part of his visit to the Venezuelan capital to participate in a march of aeronautical workers as vice-president of the International Transport Workers’ Federation (ITF), Moyano held a meeting with Maduro, who received him at the Miraflores Palace.During the brief meeting attended by other members of the union, Maduro noted: «We are receiving our friends from the Truckers’ Union of Argentina,» according to a statement released by the guild led by Hugo Moyano.

In this regard, Pablo Moyano charged against the government of former President Mauricio Macri by stating: «We are pleased to have been received by you (Maduro) and the Bolivarian people. We fought against the right-wing regime that represented Mauricio Macri.» Similarly, the trade unionist and leader of the Bonaerense PJ remarked: «We fought for 4 years against a right-wing regime to which we have defeated not only in the streets but through the ballot box, because the reality is on the streets with people working and resisting.» After criticizing the reading of some national media on political and social transit in the Caribbean country, Moyano reiterated his pride and sent a greeting on behalf of «all Argentine workers». In this note:

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