translated from Spanish: Philip Ward: «There is no carabnero who gets up in the morning with the intention of violating human rights»

In conversation with Tele13 Radio, the deputy spokesman minister, Felipe Ward, reiterated that the government’s intention is to advance the public order agenda, and defended Carabineros’ work.
«Public order is one of the most important tasks on the part of the government and we will continue to face it. We find the conversation that Intendente Guevara has had with the neighbors of the sector very relevant,» said Ward, who also exercises.
The spokesman (S) further said of the uniformed policemen that «there is no carabnero who gets up in the morning with the intention of missing human rights, of violating human rights. They rise up with the idea of doing their job and of course they have run into difficulties.»
«The government has to work on the basis of the evidence and we, although, we understand that there is citizen concern and that there are people who point out that March is going to be in such a way, of course we are preparing to continue to tune in with the public » he assured.
On the four-month demonstrations, the secretary of state stated that «the concerns of politicians have not been the concerns of citizens and that needs to be corrected. That is why the social agenda, the citizen security agenda, is being launched, that is why the anti-abuse agenda is being finalized.»

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