translated from Spanish: PRD, ready to receive back DNA members

Morelia, Michoacán.- «Anyone who is willing to join the democratic project we have in the PRD has the doors open,» said Juan Bernardo Corona Martínez, chairman of the party’s state executive committee, questioning whether he would be willing to to receive mps Miriam Tinoco Soto and Erick Juárez Blanquet back to their parliamentary bloc.
He stated that the party has not yet made a determination to accept or reject the Members who have already submitted an office where they asked the EEC to ignore their resignation and to join their ranks again, after they themselves requested their departure together with the Member Humberto González Villagómez, its leader Carlos Torres Piña, as well as 20 municipal presidents, and the general secretary of the party, Manuel López Meléndez who formed the National Democratic Action (ADN) block.
«We have been talking, there is no decision made, in the moment we will make your knowledge the determination we make,» Corona Martínez declared.
He added that if any other former DNA member, including Carlos Torres Piña, wants to rejoin the PRD will be welcome, but it will be up to the EEC to determine whether or not they are accepted.
«In politics there is a very clear rule: adding and multiplying, subtraction and division are not allowed; that’s why it’s very important to take responsibility and talk to each other how to build the party and how they can add to the project,» he concluded.

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