translated from Spanish: Samsung announced the Galaxy Z Flip, a flexible screen cell phone

Samsung has started 2020 with its usual round of presentations, but the launch of the new Galaxy S20 has been added a very special guest: the Galaxy Z Flip, the second ‘smartphone’ with folding screen of the Koreans. As reported by DPA, this long-awaited terminal, which has fully captured the prominence of the event, will hit the market this Friday, February 14 and will cost $1,380 (one million 92 thousand pesos). In the global event of the launch of the Galaxy S20 mobiles, the company has taken the opportunity to show attendees in San Francisco (and the rest of the countries where the event has been broadcast simultaneously) this new flexible phone, which unlike the Galaxy Fold opts for a shell-shaped design with vertical hinge.» It’s not an ordinary smartphone. Galaxy Z Flip changes everything,» said the company’s spokeswoman at the start of the event. Samsung has managed to surprise the attendees, who did not expect this terminal to reach the market so soon. Samsung faced some problems with the Galaxy Fold’s folding screens, which forced even delay ingestilate its release, but the company redoubled its commitment to this technology in 2020. Other companies are still in its wake: Motorola recently launched the new version of its legendary Razr with foldable screen and Lenovo plans to open the way for flexible devices in the laptop market later this year. At the specification level, the display of the Galaxy Z Flip is 6.7 inches, with Dynamic AMOLED technology and Full HD+ resolution that, thanks to its hinge, can be opened at an angle between 70 and 110 degrees. In addition, the phone has a 1.06-inch secondary outdoor display with Super AMOLED technology that will show the time and other notifications.

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