translated from Spanish: 7 months earlier Ingrid had reported violence by Erick Francisco

CDMX. – Last year 2019 Ingrid reported his partner for violence to the Prosecutor’s Office of the Courts in the family area, for the aggressions suffered by Francisco, but it only took seven months for him to end his life by stabbing her in a boot of i under the influence of substances from some narcotic and then attempt to dispose of his remains in several bags, one of which was located in the vicinity of the house.
Neighbors passing through Tamagno Street can’t help but turn to the fifth floor where it all happened, including aloud about the heinous murder, «waters with the triped sac,» one boy told his two companions, without taking his eyes off the building he has marked the entire colony.
The room’s supervisor preferred not to give statements about what happened, he reportedly already gave his statement to the authorities, as well as some of the neighbors, but in the presence of THE PRESS, they preferred to reserve comments.
One of the inhabitants of the same building, under anonymity, recounted that she placed them out of sight «I saw them several times together, they even heard their fights in the evenings, I think he had problems with alcohol and that generated fear of several of us, because the fights they were strong,» without answering any further questions, closed the front door and retreated.
On the street is the subject between passers-by and settlers, many of these only pass over Tamagno just out of mere curiosity, ask the one of the collection if he knows more about the terrible murder, they all have a similar version and talk about the remains that were found yesterday, in streets surrounding the red-white building.
A boy with housing almost in front of the property said that every night the loud arguments were heard, «I never saw them fight in the street, they looked very normal, but at night you could hear the banging and screaming, I guess they came from there,» among his comments lamented the facts bloody ones that claimed the life of the 25-year-old.
There was no police presence, no visible cordons, not even on the street where a bag containing organ and skin remains was found, but tragedy is on everyone’s lips, as a pitiful fact that causes fear.
In the face of this terrible event that shocked Mexico City, the head of government, Claudia Sheinbaum, reported that the investigations have already been launched and claimed that Ingrid’s case is outrageous.
Also through her social networks she reiterated that she will work to eradicate violence against women and offered her condolences to relatives of the young woman.

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