translated from Spanish: Américo after controversial episode in Arica: “I have been insulted, disqualified, I have been treated for everything”

Américo recounted that after his sayings at the festival “With the Force of the Sun” on Monday in the city of Arica, he has received threats and various disqualifications such as “Peruvian, Bolivian and Indian. The controversy came when several attendees shouted slogans at the government, causing the show to stop at one point to send a message. The singer clarified that the one he had increte was only “one person” who had them “exhausted”, both to him and his team. “The guy was rudely and tireless, and there was no way to understand him anymore,” he noted through an extensive video posted on his Instagram account. In the post he further stated that he has been “insulted, disqualified, I have been treated for everything”, and that what concerns him most are the threats, “not only my safety, but that of my team and that of my family”. “It seems that wanting to participate, facing a person in front of thousands of witnesses, that’s wrong. But it seems that it is not wrong to destroy, leave people out of work, complicate the arrival of people in their jobs. It seems that hate, selfishness, envy, violence is ok. That’s fine today, that’s being applauded, celebrated,” he said. He said, he and his team agreed with the slogans that raised the social crisis, and that even supported them during the show in Arica. “The background is wonderful and there is no Chilean who does not support it, but the forms are the ones that have been wrong and the ones that have not been correct,” he said.

Original source in Spanish

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