translated from Spanish: He was shot in front of his daughter to steal a gold chain.

The episode occurred on Wednesday night, in the parking lot of the Soleil Premium Outlet, located at the junction of the Panamericana Highway and the Good Ayre Road in Boulogne.
Sebastian Dominguez, 35, received a gunshot wound from a criminal who snatched a gold chain from him and escaped in a car with two accomplices. The victim, who was with her ten-year-old daughter at the time, received assistance at The Hospital of San Isidro. There he was surgically involved and became paraplegic, with no chest sensitivity down. In the case there are no detainees and the main hypothesis is that the perpetrators could be foreign thieves who make up a gang that robs in shopping malls. Dominguez had gone to the shopping mall to buy a gift for his father, and as he walked through the parking lot next to his daughter returning to his car – where his sister and another son of four were waiting for him – he was attacked by a thief who ripped off a gold chain and shot him.” My daughter saw everything. She told me that they were chatting, that her dad was happy and was telling her how big she was, when she saw a bad-looking man in the hood of a car. This garbage hugged Sebastian from behind, ripped off a gold chain and shot him,” said Johana, the victim’s wife.” When she saw the gun, my baby ran out to ask for help her aunt, Sebastian’s sister, who was in the car, and then called me desperately for cell phones to let me know that Dad had been shot and was on the floor,” she continued. Johana recounted that her husband later told her that when she felt the hug “he thought he was some friend,” but that they then told him “stand still” and had the chain ripped off.” Everything was very fast, he had the reflex act of wanting to hit him, but he doesn’t know if he got to give him the pineapple. He told me that he didn’t have time to get shot, he’s not sure if the one who shot him was that thief or someone in the car,” Johana said in dialogue with the press. On her husband’s state of health, the woman explained that “the bullet, which they said was 22 caliber, went through her right shoulder, passed through her neck and was lodged in her left shoulder.” From the shockwave, the doctors told me the marrow was affected. First he was quadriplegic, but after the operation there was an improvement and he started moving his arms. Now he’s paraplegic, he doesn’t feel anything about his chest down,” Johana said.
The case is investigated by prosecutor Sergio Szyldergemejn of boulogne’s decentralized Instruction Alyssation Functional Unit (UFI), and detectives from the local police station and the Departmental Research Delegation (DDI) of San Isidro.The investigations already have the videos of the parking lot security cameras, albeit at a distance that does not allow to see clearly the faces of the criminals, who were three and who escaped in a Chevrolet Prisma.

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