translated from Spanish: Justin Bieber appears in a show and looks alarming his followers (video)

Justin Bieber
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Mundo.- Singer Justin Bieber alarmed his fans for his unimproved appearance after making an appearance on Saturday Night Live. Some users even went further and compared, for their extreme thinness and moustache, the 25-year-old singer to the iconic character of El Chavo del 8, Don Ramón.
The truth is that fan restlessness has a reason: Bieber told a few months ago that he has Lyme disease, a condition that, if not treated in time, can be fatal.

At the beginning of the year, days after he had released “Yummy”, the single that marked Bieber’s return to the music scene after several months of absence, the musician decided to share on his Instagram account a sense of message with which he informed his followers of his singular suffering. “While a lot of people were saying ‘Justin Bieber looks like shit, he’s mixed up with methamphetamines, etc’, they didn’t know I was recently diagnosed with Lyme disease.”
“Not only that. I had a severe case of chronic mononucleosis that affected my skin, my brain function, my energy and my overall health,” the singer said. He concluded: “It was a difficult couple of years, but getting the right treatment will help treat this incurable disease so far. I’ll come back and be better than ever.”
Source: The Nation

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