translated from Spanish: UNAM seeks to toughen harassment sanctions

Mexico City.-Councillors of the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM) will discuss on Wednesday reforms to the General Statute that would aggravate penalties for gender-based violence: expulsion for students and dismissal for academic staff or Administrative. Toughening punishments of female aggressors is a repeated demand on the petition documents of middle and upper middle level students who have led stopping on campuses and various protests.

With this modification, gender-based violence committed by a member of the university community would rise to “serious cause of responsibility”, that is, it would be comparable to losses such as profit with the institution’s assets; to attend the campuses in a drunken or narcotics situation; falsification of documents or even carrying weapons. Tomorrow, from an early hour, counselors will discuss the proposal to reform Article 95 of its General Statute to include gender-based violence as a “particularly serious cause of responsibility”, applicable to all UNAM members.” The commission of any act of violence and in particular of gender-based violence that violates or limits the human rights and integrity of the people who are part of the university community” is the wording that will be put to a vote to add a fraction ARTICLE 95.
The General Statute provides that in the case of academics they may receive a written missation, suspension and dismissal.

In the case of students, denial of credits or cancellation of those granted with respect to the payment of fees; suspension for up to one year on school rights or definitive expulsion from school or school. Article 95 has not been amended since 16 May 1986.A rewording of Article 9 of that regulation shall also be proposed concerning the means of notification of the commencement of proceedings to the person referred. Go for parity in courtAnother proposal that will be discussed is the reform to Article 99, which provides for the University Court to comply with gender equity. In addition, representatives of the FES Acatlán would be incorporated and Aragón.Se proposes to extend from one to three the permanent members of the University Tribunal, which would be integrated as follows: The senior researcher or researcher of the University Tribunal, which would be integrated as follows: The senior researcher or researcher of the University Internal Council of the Institute of Legal Research, as well as a professor or professor of the FES Acatlán appointed by the corresponding Technical Council and another of FES Aragon.In accordance with this reform to Article 99, the University Council will know the proposed amendment to Article 3(II) of the Regulations of the University Tribunal and the Honor Commission to harmonise the parity approach. UNAM emphasized that these proposals, considered in the opinion of the University Legislation Commission published today on the institution’s portal, are the first in a series of amendments to be made to the University Council, with the aim of adapt legislation to actions to eradicate gender-based violence.

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