translated from Spanish: Wreckage, theft and takeover of the PORteME headquarters

This noon and after a failure of Labour Justice, more than a hundred people hooded and armed with sticks took over the headquarters of the Union of Workers and Employees of Minority and Education (SOEME). The group responds to Marcelo Balcedo, a former guild owner who is currently living house arrest in Uruguay. Now the one who conducts the driving is Adrián Di Marco, but they are unaware of his authority. As TN reported, there are people who are hurt, they are smashed (broken glass and computers), stolen elements (open safes). 

Speaking to the press, Di Marco explained the background to the conflict: “Federal Judge Ernesto Kreplak who was in the intervention enabled us to take office in the union after the August election. On 29 November, he ceased the intervention and authorized the Union’s authorities to take over.” The file is filed with the Ministry of Labour with a quick release but we all know that the portfolio is delayed with all provisional or definitive certifications from the authorities. There are more than 800 trade unions that are in the same situation as us,” he added. >

Another question from one of the journalists present sought to deepen the intern, citing that the group that led the takeover is based “on a resolution of the Ministry of Labour of 28 January that suspends the action of Judge Kreplak that put Him Marco at the helm of the Sindic ato.” In the face of this, the headline replied: “It is a provision that the Ministry brought out that says ‘until the Supreme Court is resolved.’ You have to resolve the act of competition, whether it’s labor or federal. He’s not saying he doesn’t recognize the authorities or the elections.”

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