translated from Spanish: Company joins to give six months of parental leave for parents

Under a new parental leave policy in all its subsidiaries in Latin America, Sanofi will extend the parental leave benefit with up to six months of dream without gender distinction, model famili if they are biological or adoptive parents. The benefit will then also be valid for male parents of children born or adopted from 1 January 2020.
This initiative promotes gender equity, which is one of the pillars of the company’s global diversity and inclusion strategy, and facilitates parental participation of parents in the first months of their children’s arrival.
“Gender-independent parental leave policy is a key advance for diversity and the promotion of an increasingly inclusive and pluralistic work environment in Sanofi. With this initiative we promote equal rights, regardless of gender, family model or whether they are biological or adoptive parents,” says Justo Nazar, Human Resources leader for Sanofi Cone Sur.
The trend of allowing parents to enjoy the first few days of their newborn is growing in various companies, but few allow it for so long. Thanks to the new policy, Sanofi becomes the first healthcare company to offer up to 6 months of paid parental leave to all its employees in all its subsidiaries in Latin America.
Currently, parental leave in the region varies according to the laws of each country. In Chile the law provides for 24 weeks of paid post-natal leave for women, and only 5 days for men.
The importance of the parents present
A study published in the Infant Mental Health Journal shows that the cognitive development of babies is positively affected in cases where the mother or father was actively involved in the first months of life. The study, which was conducted by researchers from London Imperial College, the University of Oxford and King’s College, showed that babies whose parents were most involved and more active when playing with them in their first months of life were in better on cognitive tests at two years of age.
In addition, studies such as the Theory of Attachment, formulated by psychiatrist and psychoanalyst John Bowlby and reinforced by many other researchers, also claim that establishing a father-son relationship is fundamental to human development.
Bowlby points out that children raised on a solid foundation of affection and trust with their parents are safer to explore the outside world. Over time, the consequence of this attachment is the construction of a sense of security for the little ones in relation to themselves and with the other members of their social circle.
Professional development
In addition to positively impacting employees who will enjoy the benefit as parents, the new policy also provides opportunities for the professional development of the entire team. “As is already effective in the case of the licence
parental leave will open many more doors to different development opportunities for those who can fill vacancies during that time. This is a great step to reinforce the fact that for Sanofi, all collaborators and candidates receive the same treatment throughout their professional career,” explains Camille Dussaillant, HR leader for Sanofi Chile.
“We want to contribute positively to a more equitable society by offering work, development and career opportunities for all, regardless of gender, sexual orientation or role within the company,” adds Camille.
At the same time Henry Ordoñez, Sanofi country chair for Chile explained in our country there is “a team balanced in terms of gender at all levels, 57% of our employees are women. This initiative provides equal rights for all at the local level and reinforces equal opportunities for growth.”

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