translated from Spanish: Fabián Cubero presented his farewell match at Vélez Stadium

A few months after he played his last minutes as a professional with the Vélez shirt, Fabián Cubero presented himself to President Sergio Rapisarda to give the official announcement of the farewell match of one of the club’s top idols, who wears on his back the fact that he sometimes defended the shirt with the “V” on his chest.” It’s a lot of mixed emotions. It’s a very recent retreat where I didn’t want it to be that long because I’m a very emtive guy and i find it hard to talk normally. It’s a very extensive career at an institution where I always felt a part,” “Poroto” began for his press conference.

@5poroto: “I always felt the recognition of the #Vélez fan. They valued my sacrifice and I really did my best to always be beyond injury or personal situations. Desire and sacrifice is what represents me.”#ChauPoroto —Velez Sarsfield (@Velez)
February 12, 2020

In it, it was reported that the match will be played on March 28 and tickets can be purchased by all who want to see Cubero for the last time on court, although there will be benefits for the club members. As for his extensive career there, the former defender revealed some stories.” I came to try Velez in 1993 and I did not stay, and the return of life gave me another second chance and from Santella’s hand I was able to start a path that I could not imagine. At the time I felt I was indebted to the club and more after making a career that I have no regrets about,” he argued. Regarding the guests, he added: “It’s many years at the club. When I started passing the list, it’s endless. There are several technicians who were important to my career, I’m having a hard time with Marcelo Bielsa, it’s a difficult figurine. There are guest muhcos like Bianchi, Gareca, Russo, Osvaldo Piazza, but I would like to invite you all.”
“The theme of the match is going to be the 2005 champions against the 2009 champions. There will also be the 1998 champions, and the 1997 Malaysian under-20 champions, which was my first title,” said Cubero, who also announced the presence of the 1994 glories and the Burst group.” We want to blow up the court so that a nice party lives and each teammate will remind the fans of the story. Regardless of whether it’s my desperation, using it as a recognition for the world champions, many of them started this path to make it such a big club,” “Poroto” said.

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