translated from Spanish: Kathy Salosny: “I felt battered the last time I was in Much Taste”

Renowned animator Katherine Salosny went out during an interview with Cooperativa regarding various situations, such as her departure from TVN, the last moments at Mega, her future in cable, and the situation women live on television when they reach a certain age. Referring to the end of his participation in the Late “Don’t blame the night,” he said the new administration of the channel wanted to “refresh” the screen, a phenomenon he has seen repeatedly in his career. He noted that “The channel was in every right to make these changes, but I began to feel uncomfortable because it has nothing to do with the coherence one has along the way. 37 years on television and in the media, I think he had to have some coherence with me,” he said. He recalled that something similar happened to him in the “Good Morning to All”, although at that time it was two women who announced that they wanted to “refresh” the screen. “That’s super violent and you feel it permanently,” said Salosny, who was also emphatically at pointing out that it’s something that doesn’t happen to men on television. With regard to the problem and the mistreatment of television with women, especially as they were getting older, he recalled that on another occasion a woman had told her that the bust should be increased since they were all doing it. “That’s something that’s still going on, even if the feminist issues are on the line,” she added. Although something different is what he remembers after his time at the “Much Taste”, since on that occasion the subject of his disengagement was given by a bad relationship with the executive producer. The actress and cheerleader recalled that “It’s super violent when you get kicked out, it’s super hard. I didn’t have a good time in the last time I was in Mucho Gusto. I felt battered. I had a very bad relationship with the executive producer of that show, unfortunately,” he said. Now the cheerleader encounters a new challenge, this time on Telecanal and with a new project called: “Let’s talk about Chile”.

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