translated from Spanish: La Choco boasts sexy legs in stockings on February 14

The one who has everyone mesmerized with her beauty is Jimena Perez, better known as the Choco and is that she uploaded a photo of heart attack to her social networks where she boasts hello Kitty stockings on her beautiful legs. After publication the former collaborator of Ventaneando left her fans speechless, as she made some very flirty poses with which she left she earned compliments of all kinds because she is not the first that the woman is classified as sexy.

“You look beautiful And the spectacular outfit”, “No doubt, you are very nice my Choco, greetings to Madrid”, “Your super cool tights Where did you get them?, they wrote to the driver.
Let’s remember that the Choco moved a little far out of the middle of the show to be more on the lookout for his son because he wanted to fix some light problems that he has faced for a long time so he has let his fans know.
“This disorder has a common trunk, as other things there were our red spotlights, because this disorder has common trunk with some characteristics of autism, that some characteristics were had by Iñaki and others completely contradicted it…”, said the I crash in an interview about your child’s health.

It is worth mentioning that contrary to her sister-in-law Atala Sarmiento, Jimena has an excellent relationship with her boss Pati Chapoy, who gave her the opportunity to get away from the middle of the show without any problem for which she is very grateful to her and is that she proves it to her cad that he can.

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