translated from Spanish: Palestinian beat Cerro Largo 5-1 and advance stun in Copa Libertadores

Palestino agreed with absolute authority on Wednesday to phase 3 of the Copa Libertadores 2020 by beating Cerro Largo in the second round commitment back to the second round of the competition. The colony cast left no doubt of its superiority in the rematch and structured a global score of 6-2, following last week’s 1-1 draw on Uruguayan soil. When the forces were even at the Estadio San Carlos de Apoquindo, the Arabs broke the zero in the 16th minute. Leandro Benegas took a center to the heart of the area and Bryan Carrasco with a certain cross-header left goalkeeper Ramiro Betancur with no choice. He began to dominate and at 33′ he increased the scoring with a goal by Agustín Farías, with a medium-distance punch that surprised the visiting goal. Already in the duel, in the 71st minute, came the third target for the Chileans. Benegas starred in a wagon, entered the area, hooked a defender and drew a straight flush that slipped the right pole of Betancur.La final line of the brega would have three new conquests. At 76′ the place placed the room with a good definition of right and in the center of the area of Farías, after great action by the right corner of the ‘hot zone’ of Luis Jiménez.Then, at 78 minutes, arrived the honor for the charrúas. Taking advantage of an unintelligence of the Palestinian’s lag, Enzo Borges defined in the mouth of the bow to beat the gobler Gastón Guruceaga.The ‘golden brooch’ of the sweet day for the ‘tetracolors’ was put by Renato Tarifeño, at 88′, with a shot that surpassed the resistance of the Uruguayan goalkeeper. For the ticket to the group stage of the Copa Libertadores 2020, Basay’s draw will face the winner of the series between Corinthians and Guarani (The first leg favored the Paraguayans at home 1-0).

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