translated from Spanish: They attack the life of the municipal leader of the PRD in Puruándiro

Michoacán.-The president of the Municipal Committee of the Party of the Democratic Revolution (PRD), Hector David Salas Arandas, was injured in the meantime of an attempted vehicle theft, according to early investigations by the authorities competent at the scene. The subject has already been investigated by the State Attorney General’s Office and will be the one that through its staff determines the motive of the attack.
In this tenor, in the news work official contacts made known that the event was on Thursday in the central colony of this town of Puruándiro. Salas Arandas was moving in a Suburban van, which ended up crashing into an address when he tried to evade his assailants, which apparently tried to rob him.
The politician suffered at least two gunshot shell injuries in one of his arms, the attackers went on the run with an unknown course and the area was quickly cordoned off by Public Safety elements to preserve existing evidence. In addition, the uniforms requested the presence of experts and investigators of the Public Prosecutor’s Office.
Upon arrival, experts packed six short-armed percussive shell casings for analysis in their laboratory. The president of the local PRD was immediately channeled to a hospital in this city and was interned with police surveillance for his safety. Their health is reported as out of danger, government voices underlined this media.

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