translated from Spanish: They take a guy’s life outside his home in Uruapan

Uruapan, Michoacán.- A man was shot dead outside his home, which is located in the Coloniación Cuauhtémoc in this city of Uruapan, where the investigating authorities came to initiate the respective crime proceedings, transcended in journalistic work.
In this sense, it was known that the now-west was identified by deudos as Juan S., 40 years old, which was left lying on Chamizal street almost corner with Prolongación Sinaloa street. The site was cordoned off by public security elements to safeguard existing evidence while requesting the presence of experts and investigating agents from the Uruapan Regional Prosecutor’s Office.
Local lifeguards confirmed the death of the citizen, who suffered at least five gunshot shell injuries, the experts commented. The body was uploaded to a forensic ambulance to be immediately transferred to the amphitheatre facilities for rigor studies.
Witnesses also told the representatives of the law that the killers were two and added that they went on the run aboard a motorcycle, of which they claimed not to remember the characteristics, expressed official contacts before it Drafting. The research folder was initiated and it is expected that with the clues obtained by the specialists the matter will be clarified.

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