translated from Spanish: Victim Confesses Abuses by Leaders of the Light of the World

Guadalajara.- Since she was a child, Sochil Martín was convinced that she was the “chosen” to serve the leaders of the Church of the Light of the World (LLDM). At 33 years old and after alleged sexual, physical and psychological abuse he decided to come out of anonymity and tell his story.

According to the EFE News Agency, the former LLDM member has a Hispanic origin, but was born in California and in a press conference in Los Angeles he released the causes that led her to file a federal lawsuit against Naasón Joaquín García , current leader of the congregation and more than ten members of the congregation.
I share my story because we have to put a stop to this thing that’s going on, the female recounted.

She, through a complaint she filed with the Central District Court of California, stated that since she was a minor she was raped on several occasions by Joaquín García and that she was forced to perform semi-naked erotic dances, among other sexual acts. Martin recounted that she was born into a family that belonged to this religion because her great-grandfather was one of the first members, and that an aunt, who raised her, convinced her that she was “the chosen one” to serve God and former leader Samuel Joaquin Flores , with whom the abuse began.” For almost 22 years I was made to work, travel, lie and give my body to an organization that saw me as a financial gain and sexual pleasure,” the affected one said. She also said she was also forced to recruit other young women.

Leader of the Light of the World, Naasón Joaquin begets children in prison. Photo: AP

Martin left the LLDM community on October 13, 2016, as did her former husband, a former member of the religion. She, specified EFE, was the first woman to file a complaint with the California authorities, for which Nahasón and three women considered to be complicit are on charges of 26 counts. MURAL sought out LLDM Social Communication to learn their position, but they reported that they would not give a position until tomorrow, February 14 through a press conference that will take place in Los Angeles, California, where the criminal process of the so-called Apostle of Jesus christ.

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