translated from Spanish: “We didn’t want to kill him”: the word of the rugbiers in front of the judge

The eight rugbiers arrested for the crime of Fernando Báez Sosa were presented today in front of Judge David Mancinelli, as part of a hearing requested by both the lawyers of the victim’s family and the defense of the youth. The only one who took the floor of the group that on January 18 killed Báez Sosa was 18-year-old Blas Cinalli, who said, “We didn’t want to kill him.”
However, the words of Cinalli, who spoke on behalf of the group arrested in the Penal de Dolores, will not be taken into account as an inquest statement, something they should face with prosecutor Veronica Zamboni. According to the agency Télam, Maximo Thomsen, the most judicially complicated along with Ciro Pertossi, was the only one to cry while the hearing was unfolding.

The rugbiers were greeted by people who insulted them and asked for justice for Fernando Photo: Télam

In Villa Gesell were present the defense lawyers, the judge, the eight young people and the prosecutor, since the relatives of the defendants were outside because of the size of the place were left. Outside the place were awaited by a group of people who both on their arrival and on their departure insulted them to the cry of “murderers.”

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