translated from Spanish: Alessandri apologizes for using the word «mummified» but reiterates that «Chile is mature enough for a new Constitution»

The statements of the mayor of Santiago Felipe Alessandri drew weds in the hard wing of Chile Vamos. The building not only confirmed that it will vote Apruebo in the constituent plebiscite on April 26, but also announced that it will campaign for the triumph of that option. By the way, he questioned those who are about rejection, noting that «the mummified want nothing to change.»
His words did not fall well in some areas of officialism. Senator Ivan Moreira (UDI) said that «I find the mayor’s disqualifications unnecessary.» In RN, the MPs who are on the rejection also came out to respond to the communal chief. «That Mayor Alessandri devote himself to improving their commune, rather than criticizing their sector that is by the Rejection, because in a few more months he will be asking them to vote for their re-election.»
Faced with the controversy, the municipal authority eventually chose to apologize, but reiterated that «we have to move forward as a country» and that Chile «is mature enough for a new constitution.»
«There are people in my sector who were alluded to by my mummified phrase. I apologize for the case. But going to the bottom, I do think we can’t inherit this issue from our children. We have to move forward as a country, and I am convinced that Chile is mature enough to have a new Constitution,» he said.

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