translated from Spanish: Bullrich on the original peoples: «We leave the problem solved»

Former Security Minister Patricia Bullrich criticized the creation of a table dedicated to resolving the territorial claims of the native peoples and stated that the management of Cambiamos left «the problem solved so that the South does not live under a situation of violence, with permanent attacks.»
«You can’t take up arms, set fire, kill, without consequences.»

The President of the National Council of the PRO referred to the Table of Alternative Resolution of Territorial Conflicts with the Original Peoples, which contrasted with the «achievement» of the management of Mauricio Macri after the Group Ancestral Resistance Mapuche (RAM)» will be prosecuted for their acts of violence» with the endorsement of «all the governors of the South.» Ram carried out extreme violence, had spawned 98 attacks in four years, had killed a policeman. They were quasi-terrorists. Today the Argentine south is pacified,» Bullrich said. they were walking and working in the area.» In this note:

Original source in Spanish

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