translated from Spanish: ‘Chapa’ Fuenzalida: «Colo Colo is a dangerous team»

Despite the solid start of the Championship, with three triumphs in the same number of storytellings, the captain of Universidad Católica José Pedro Fuenzalida installed the messura in the anteroom to the duel with Colo Colo by claiming that they face a wounded rival and that he «needs the dots.» After the first three dates, the ‘Cacique’ ranks twelfth in the table with only three units, the product of a triumph over Palestinian and online defeats against Cobresal and Audax Italiano.Just over 48 hours from the classic, the ‘Chapa’ declared at press conference q look «it’s going to be a tough duel, because it’s a team that also needs the points.» Colo Colo has very important invidivualities. It’s a dangerous team. They had a very good game with Palestinians. And at times like these, when criticized, they will try to reveal themselves of the moment (…) We’re going to face an opponent who’s going to do everything to change the image of the last two games,» he said. Asked how he thinks the duel will take place in the Monumental, the side and end on the right pointed out that «you are going to give an open match, we will want to attack and will generate spaces. The one who makes the most advantage, and is clearer, is going to be the one who takes the three points. I trust our team, and we’re going to need a lot of goals if we want to win clearly in the Monumental.» Finally, Fuenzalida spoke of the authorities’ decision not to allow the presence of visitors to the Macul compound.» Our idea is that the family and the real fans go to the stadium, not these groups that have soiled the image of football. Hopefully this will improve, we hope that the mayor and clubs will work on the issue of stadium safety. Let the family go quietly to see the sporting spectacle,» he said.

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