translated from Spanish: Covering the sun with one finger: Despite Chile’s hot summer Vamos, Ward says «we have an orderly coalition»

Chile Vamos has had a summer of high political temperature, with a string of episodes that has put the official coalition in tension. However, the spokesman (s) of The Currency Felipe Ward, looks at the glass absolutely full, to the point that he is convinced – as he confessed in an interview with Emol – that «beyond the friendly fire, that one would want it to be zero, I think we have an orderly coalition».
Beyond the differences for the constituent plebiscite of April 26, where adherents of approval and rejection have faced positions within Chile Vamos, in recent weeks the government bloc has been engaged without pause in others Flanks. First, it was the meeting of the president of National Renewal, Mario Desbordes, with the helmsmen of the exConcertation, a fact that was harshly reproached from the UDI and Evópoli. Then, the sayings of the metropolitan mayor Felipe Guevara (RN) admitting that in the Government they are in favor of a new Constitution, statements that fell as a bomb both in the shop led by Jacqueline van Rysserlberghe and in the extimonel of his own party, Carlos Larraín. «It is unfortunate, especially coming from an authority that was saved by the current Constitution,» the former senator said.
More recently, the controversial audios of former UDI DEPUTY Gustavo Hasbún not only opened the «Pandora’s box» of La Araucanía, with investigations for bribery and influence of MOP contracts. They also unveiled a political guerrilla war between trade unionism and Evópoli and revived the spectre of the financing of the right’s political campaigns. The political mess was aggravated by the sayings of Agriculture Minister(s) José Ignacio Pinochet – of militancy RN– against Hasbún, who earned him a call from the UDI to «not meddle in contingent politics and respect the principle of the presumption of innocence».
The «cake cherry» was put by the mayor RN of Santiago, Felipe Alessandri, with his sayings where he cataloged as «mummified» those in his sector who are against the new Constitution, which ignited the discomfort of Chile Vamos’s toughest wing. His party deputy Diego Schalper asked to have «a more propositive tone», while the evangelical mp Eduardo Durán questioned him for «denoting people in his sector, labeling them mummies». From the UDI, Senator Ivan Moreira talked about «unnecessary disqualifications.» Aware of the impact of his sayings, the building ended up regressing into the concept «mummified», although it held firm its support for the option I approve of in the plebiscite.
The glass full of Ward
Despite this long count of dimes and diretes that have shaken the government bloc, Ward’s gaze is entirely positive. «We have parties in Chile Let’s go that are quite aligned with the Government, we have instances of conversation of differences where we solve 99% of the differences, unfortunately sometimes it also comes to the political public discussion (…) We have parliamentarians, party presidents, very well aligned with the government and that does the government and the country well,» he said.
By way of balance, the minister commented that «the truth is that there is an agenda that is still pending after the last thing we did in Congress that was pretty good at what was the social agenda, the security agenda. In addition, we have a fully in-force government program and the coalition is quite orderly»,
Also, regarding his work as the head of the Segpres – a position he came to after the cabinet adjustment last October – he explained that «I have had, in Congress, support from political parties, although there have been some differences in some bills more than 70% of the social agenda is approved, there, in general, there was no vote other than that being raised by the Government (…) So more statements, less statements, the votes of Chile Vamos have been to support the government’s projects».

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