translated from Spanish: In the purest style of the group «Maná»: Greenpeace releases song to denounce the water crisis

In the midst of the Love Day celebrations, Greenpeace presented the song «I Stole a River», highlighting the worrying water crisis facing the country.
The piece is part of the organization’s water protection campaign and seeks to raise awareness of the water emergency facing Chile, installing the issue as a key element in the political discussion for a new Constitution that guarantees access people’s preferential stake, to an increasingly scarce element.
Greenpeace spokesman Mauricio Ceballos said: «Great rivers no longer reach the sea and, in many cases, do not even supply the homes of hundreds of thousands of Chileans. We are witnessing how the water is a few and the damage continues with the indifference of our politicians. This song is a call to them, as it is still possible to take action on it.»
«Today more than 400,000 people receive water by cistern trucks. It is clearly an emergency that must be treated as a matter of national priority. Many do not seem to understand the gravity of what we live, but if the situation remains as far away, rationing in our cities will be inevitable,» they emphasized from the organization.
«I Stole a River From You» seeks, among other messages, to remind people that on this Valentine’s Day «you can live without love, but you can’t live without water.»

Video via Youtube: Greenpeace Chile

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