translated from Spanish: Love can’t be hidden, doing this shows that he’s hopelessly in love with you

World.- Nonverbal communication responds to our animal instinct. It is precisely for this reason that it is so easy to lie and so difficult to hide our feelings with the body and face. Our species needs to communicate and connect continuously with the body. Certainly, emotions are the only universal language. The bodies of men and women communicate the feeling of “infatuation” in different ways.
Here are the main non-verbal features in which men and women communicate the genuine emotion of romantic interest:
– Eye contact: a man or woman constantly looking for the gaze of the person who interests you for the purpose of connecting. In the case of man is common the look “inverted pyramid”, because if he really has an interest in the opposite sex he will not be able to avoid lowering his gaze to the lips of the woman.
– Genuine Smile: smiling continuously in the presence of the person who loves is one way the body communicates love. Now, the real smile is one that carries muscle contractions in the cheekbones, wrinkles or “cock’s feet” in the eyes and the corners of the lips rise on both sides symmetrically. He doesn’t smile alone with his mouth, a smile in love activates the whole face.
– Invasion of personal space: the man in love will seek to get close little by little, more than socially allowed to the woman he wishes to conquer. So she will validate how comfortable she feels with the intimacy between the two. If the woman opens her personal space with the right signs such as a smile or lack of body blockages in the arms or feet he will feel even more encouraged to continue the conquest.
– Small details: a man who genuinely likes a woman will look for any excuse to make physical contact with her, sometimes almost imperceptibly. An example of this may be: quickly touching the knee while sitting chatting or accommodating her hair if the wind has covered her face.
– The axes of attention of humans are divided into three fractions of the body. The first axis is on the chest, the second on the feet and the third on the face. If a man or woman has the three axes of attention aligned to the axes of the person of interest then it is providing all its attention and energy. This is a powerful key to identifying attraction.
– Nonverbal communication keys that give away a woman in love are also: continuous play with hair while smiling and making eye contact with the male. It gently caresses the skin as it converses with the man of interest, it is a form of primitive flirting. Similarly, if a woman likes a man, she will look to touch you with some excuse, such as fixing her tie or wiping a pen in her jacket.
Source: CNN

Original source in Spanish

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