translated from Spanish: Macron’s candidate in Paris got off by leaking a sex video

Benjamin Griveaux, the candidate of French officialism for the mayor of Paris, had to lower his candidacy by leaking a sex tape with a person other than his wife.” I do not wish to expose even more to my family and to me, when all blows are allowed. This went too far,” said Griveaux, who in the polls appeared in third place with about 15% of the vote.

The broadcast of the video received condemnation from Griveaux’s opponents, who highlighted respect for private life and called for a “worthy” debate. The Republic at March, the party for which Emmanuel Macron came to the presidency, also has a ‘dissident’ candidate, Cedric Villani, who was behind the polls. France’s Liberation newspaper published that behind the video’s broadcast is the controversial Russian artist Piotr Pavlenski, a refugee in France. 

Benjamin Griveaux, deputy of the Republic in March, renounces his candidacy for the mayor of Paris after a sex video was leaked. Hard hit for Macron to present a new list within a month of elections — Pablo Del Amo (@PablodelAmo77)
February 14, 2020

Pavlenski, who claimed to have obtained the video from a source who had a “consented” relationship with the former candidate, was the one who stitched his mouth in support of the Pussy Riot group. When consulted for the reasons that led him to disseminate the video, he explained that his intention was to highlight “the hypocrisy” of the candidate.

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