translated from Spanish: Proposes deputy return animals to the circus

Mexico City.-The deputy of Morena María Eugenia Hernández proposed that the ban on the use of animals in circuses of México.La initiative seeks to repeal the third paragraph of article 78 of the General Law on Wildlife to remove such restriction. 

The legislator explained that her proposal is to replace the ban with stricter, up-to-date and co-responsible regulation and supervision to ensure proper treatment of animals in circuses and the safety of spectators. As part of the presentation of this initiative, the Chamber of Deputies was the scene of a confrontation between cyloby businessmen and animal advocates. During Hernandez’s conference, plum businessmen met Antonio Franyuti, who in 2014 was, together with the Green Party, one of the main promoters of the reform to the General Wildlife Law.The meeting led to a conato of violence, when circus businessmen accused Franyuti of the death of their animals, which, they said, died shortly after they were confiscated due to the carelessness of the authorities. Franyuti had to be guarded by House of Deputies security personnel to prevent him from being beaten, while ciqueros businessmen shouted «murderer». After being sheltered for a few minutes and the businessmen of the cirqueros left, Franyuti withdrew from the Legislative Palace of San Lazarus.» There is no but (sic) (worse) animal abuse than letting them die, as has happened and continues to happen with the animals of the circus, it is legislated to seek a true #BienestarAnimal controversial, yes (sic), but the continuity of the living being must be sought. And away from view is not helping,» she said on her Twitter account.

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