translated from Spanish: Vice-President UDI called for respect for Hasbún’s principle of innocence and lashed out against Minister (S) of Agriculture

The vice-president of the UDI, Juan Manuel Fuenzalida, asked to respect the principle of innocence, in the case of possible coimas in the MOP, involving the former member of the collective, Gustavo Hasbún.
«It has become a national sport to condemn people in the press and social media without first establishing the legal truth of the facts,» Fuenzalida said.
The trade union leader also smeared the sayings of agriculture minister (S), José Ignacio Pinochet, who yesterday said that the former deputy seems to be «characterized by acting in the gray line».
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«I am calling on the deputy Minister José Ignacio Pinochet to acknowledge that he made a mistake and recklessness with his statements, to offer public apologies, and I invite him to, instead of giving the press his opinion on this issue, to deal with urgent matters is that they are up to their ministry,» Fuenzalida said.
The vice-president of the UDI added that «we think it is very serious that a governing authority, which is in the surrogate of the incumbent minister, is involved in a matter of political contingency, which has nothing to do with his ministry, making value judgments that did not they are in a case that is in the midst of an investigative process.»

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